Saturday, November 19, 2016


I am known to knit over and over the same patterns because...well sometimes I just want to knit and not think about what I am doing. The top 3 patterns that I have knitted over and over and memorized are "The Spiral Blanket of Awesomeness" by former owner of Three Irish Girls Sharon McMahon, "Hot Waffles" by Anne Hanson and "Caravan  blanket" by Anne Hanson too.
Lately I find myself obsessed with Eventide by Tanis Lavallee too!
I have just binded off my 6th version of it.
I can't wear all of them so I find myself making extra to store away and give away as gifts.
Since this summer, I have been mostly stockpiling knitted items for gift-giving :)

Like this "Spiral blanket of Awesomeness" using scraps of Unwind Yarn Company Touring DK

or this "Eventide Shawl" using Malabrigo Rios in Plomo and Fresco y seco

or another spiral blanket of awesomeness using Julie Spins Eurosock in "Sing me a rainbow"

 but most importantly, I find myself stockpiling a lot of baby knits !!! No baby in sight but baby knits are just so adorable, fast, fun and did I say adorable??
Like this "Ode to Doris" cardigan in Tanis Fiber Arts Purewash DK yarns in "bisou"

To a season of stockpiling and happy comfort knitting :)

Friday, August 19, 2016

Connecting with a wider audience

After many encouragements from my weekly knitting group, I recently joined Instagram as aminaknitting. I was hesitant for a long time because I was afraid of getting addicted to it!
I barely have enough time to play the Sims and knit all the things!!

I was afraid I was going to get caught up in admiring everyone's work, get distracted by shiny new yarns and spend a lot of time on my phone. See in my makeup days, I was very active on makeup and beauty forums. In the midst of that I forgot to invest the same energy to make long-lasting friendships in my local community. 

I've also read many articles about the dangers of portraying an Instagram perfect life whereas the reality was far from it. With much apprehension I joined and to my biggest surprise so far I really like!
It has been fun to search hashtags and see projects from different countries and described in different languages. I have also enjoyed seeing what inspires people to create things for themselves or as gifts.
Most importantly, it has motivated me to work on my sock drawer :)

I just finished my second pair of socks for this year!!!

Pattern: Basketweave Sock by Anne Hanson

Yarn: Unwind Yarn Company Journey Sock in "Laura loves Unwind"

Progress picture: knitting at a small coffee shop