Friday, August 19, 2016

Connecting with a wider audience

After many encouragements from my weekly knitting group, I recently joined Instagram as aminaknitting. I was hesitant for a long time because I was afraid of getting addicted to it!
I barely have enough time to play the Sims and knit all the things!!

I was afraid I was going to get caught up in admiring everyone's work, get distracted by shiny new yarns and spend a lot of time on my phone. See in my makeup days, I was very active on makeup and beauty forums. In the midst of that I forgot to invest the same energy to make long-lasting friendships in my local community. 

I've also read many articles about the dangers of portraying an Instagram perfect life whereas the reality was far from it. With much apprehension I joined and to my biggest surprise so far I really like!
It has been fun to search hashtags and see projects from different countries and described in different languages. I have also enjoyed seeing what inspires people to create things for themselves or as gifts.
Most importantly, it has motivated me to work on my sock drawer :)

I just finished my second pair of socks for this year!!!

Pattern: Basketweave Sock by Anne Hanson

Yarn: Unwind Yarn Company Journey Sock in "Laura loves Unwind"

Progress picture: knitting at a small coffee shop

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Keyfit blanket by Tanis

For the past few months, I have been knitting a baby blanket and I am a bit sad that it is done!
The pattern is "Keyfit" by Tanis Lavallee.
I started knitting it in last November 2015 during my Thanksgiving break when I really needed a break from grading, dissertation and job searching!
Playing with the colors was just what I needed!!!!!
To choose the yarn, I hesitated between Three Irish Girls, Tanis Fiber Arts and Unwind Yarn Company!
I ended up choosing Unwind Yarn Company as many colorways spoke to me at that moment, reminding me of different phases in my life.
For instance "Truly Madly Deeply" a deep purple reminds me of summers spent in Belgium and my first year in Senegal. I was singing that song all the time and still remember all the lyrics!!

From Left to Right: the colorways are" Raspberry" with "Asiatic Lily"," Gracie Pearl"with "Truly, Madly, Deeply", "Brown-Eyed Girl" with "Stop and Smell the Poppies" and the last quadrant is "Evergreen" with "Cerulean".
I made the border with "Cerulean" which is just so beautiful!!!! The intensity of that blue just moves me so deeply!! I love the contrast of blue/yellow as well.

"Making Memories 2014" reminds me of my first knitting retreat organized by Just One More Row Podcast and how it was the perfect opportunity to get closer to a dear friend.
From Left to Right the colorways are "Island of Misfit Toys" with "Brown-Eyed Girl", "Merry Fallmas" with "Goldenrod", "Making Memories 2014" with "Asiatic Lily" and the last quadrant is "Space Pirate" with "Cerulean"

"Raspberry" reminds me of a favorite blush color from Stila Cosmetics, specifically the convertible color in "Fuschia". Back in 2004, I used to wear it all the time and I loved how I could dab a bit on the cheeks and lips!!!
"Stop and Smell the Poppies" with "Raspberry", "Asiatic Lily" with "Highlands"

As I look at the finished blanket , I am grateful that this  knitting process helped me to build up confidence in my ability to pair colors! I am keeping this blanket for myself!!!!! Did I say how much I  LOVE knitting blankets!!!