Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Eat, Knit, Laugh

Fun fact about moi: I am a twin.
My brother and I are completely different though. He is a social butterfly and I admire his ability to talk to new people easily.
Social interactions can be quite stressful for me. I have to make a conscious effort to shut down the constant chatter in my mind: what do I say? Am  I smiling too much? Am I asking too many questions?

Most evenings, especially during the academic year, I knit in front of the TV trying to solve a crime. I might have been a detective in a previous life. However quite often I do crave some interaction and this past year I've been making an effort to meet new people.
Whoever invented " Knit night" is a genius!!

My local yarn store hosts one and I really look forward to it.
It is so much easier as the conversation is a bit scripted at first :
 "What are you making?"
 " Which pattern are you using?"
 " What a beautiful yarn! Which yarn is it? "

At the beginning, I would answer politely, listen to the conversation and knit.
Now, I really feel more comfortable to share what's going on in my life.
 Most women already have grandchildren and it is so inspiring to see them lead  active lives.
Growing up, I didn't have that model.  Knit night has changed my perspective about aging!

This summer, I was also invited to join another "knit night" with four wonderful ladies.
We meet in a coffee place every Tuesday, eat, knit, laugh and admire beautiful yarn. It has been a blessing to be a part of both groups as  I feel more connected to the community.
Most importantly,  it is a reminder to make time for things that matter the most!

I am currently knitting  Tytonidae Cowl
My project bag for knit night is from Three Bags Full
Yarn: local yarn from Robin J. Edmundson
Needle size: US 5


  1. That sounds so nice to get together with women who share your interests (knitting). I know you enjoyed the fact that it was at a coffee place, LOL!

  2. Absolutely!! You know my love for coffee places...