Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mystery Block of Month

A year ago, my local yarn store started a knitted mystery month of the club. I joined it because it is out of my comfort zone. See I am a perfectionist and it hasn't been very helpful lately.  I am challenging myself to shift my mindset/perspective on several things and embrace the unknown and mistakes/ errors.
Each block is $5 so  I happily joined. After all, it would be a great way to improve my knitting, learn new stitches and feel comfortable reading a pattern.
 I had no idea that through the mystery block, I would learn an important life lesson  for me: appreciate the process and trust that the project will turn out well. This is an ongoing lesson for me.

After 12 months of mystery blocks, sewing them and a simple crochet edge, here is my throw:

I love it!!!!
each block tells a different story...
The green one for instance is my first hat that I frogged.. It was my first knitting project   after a long hiatus.
The yellow block was knitted on a trip to Chicago for instance.
I picked the colors because at that moment, I just loved them...
I was scared that they might clash when I put together...not really!!
Some of my blocks are way bigger than others...but it is okay..
there are a few mistakes/ errors but that's okay too.

A year ago, I would have focused more on what needed to be fixed in order to be perfect.
Today, I just see a beautiful warm blanket!

Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted
Needle: US 8
Pattern: Four Seasons Throw

Update: since then, the blanket has made its way to Haiti..I hope the recipient enjoys it!

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