Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New quilter...

Lately I am trying to connect more with my former 15 year old self.
It seems that she knew what she wanted but too afraid to stand out, be different, you name it...
I used to do patchwork, just taking small scraps of fabric and sewing them together.
This past February I decided to go back to it. It has been such an amazing experience as it teaches me to S-L-O-W  down!
My first project is a welshed brick pattern, just a sampler to practice cutting, stitching, basting etc.

I picked the fabric at Jo-Ann and I just allowed the colors to speak to me.
Whenever I look at my sampler quilt, I am just amazed!!

The back:

Now I am assembling it and as I sew by hand, I can't help  notice that I am not thinking about my dissertation, other worries...I just have to be in that moment and stitch.
I am really glad I am doing this again!
I can't wait to make new ones and who knew that buying fabric could be addictive??


  1. So exciting!!! That looks pretty! :-)

  2. I love craft for giving me a reason to focus on a project and switch off other things that may be on my mind. And this is such a pretty distraction. I am happy that you are finding joy in this.