Sunday, June 23, 2013

Two special blankets

As a new spinner, I never expected to fall in love with fiber, build up a colorful fiber stash  and hand spun yarn. I still think of buying a wheel one day but so far I am loving spinning on a drop spindle, mixing different colors and creating thick and thin yarn.
I stumbled upon a simple pattern "The Traveler's Life Afghan" by Stephanie  Pearl Mc-Phee in her Book Casts off. Suddenly I had an idea, why not make a blanket with all my hand-spun yarn?? It has been sitting there waiting for a project...
I am currently working on two blankets..
The first one is made with just FatCatKnits fiber, clubs (the famous couples, Greek mythology and fairy tales) and non-club.
I casted about 63 sts and I am using size 13 needles

So far I've used: Brad and Angelina, Antony and Cleopatra, Romeo and Juliette, Sid and Nancy, Gaia and Uranus

A close up:

At first I was afraid the colors will clash but I really love the results

Blanket #2 is made with a mix of other brands.
I casted on about 66 or 70 stitches and I am using size 15 needles

So far I've used Three Irish Girls  colorways in Nora, Sweet Pea and Beach Cottage as well as Miss Babs Watermelon
Words can't express the joy that I feel as I knit with my own hand-spun yarn, see the myriad of colors and memories associated with each fiber...


  1. Maintenant, je vois que tu avais raison... Ces couvertures sont magnigiques et tu n'as pas besoin d'un patron plus complique. C'est parfait comme ca !

    1. merci enormement de me lire Cecile et pour tes compliments! Je te les montrerai quand elles seront finies :)

  2. Beautiful!!! I can relate to that joy you describe. What an amazing sense of satisfaction, awe and pleasure there is in working with your own handspun. There's magic that is hard to describe...!