Friday, November 29, 2013

so warm and cozy

So what's a girl to do with all this beautiful handspun yarn???
1) I admire it
2) I pet it
3) I admire it some more...
4) I am making blankets...

I've just finished one and I have two other blankets on the needles (one using just FatCatKnits fiber and the second is a mix of beautiful fibers)...
I am thinking of getting a wheel...but I am still having so much fun with my spindles...

Finished blanket

Words can't describe how awesome I feel whenever I use my blanket :)
Each yarn has a story....memories (good/bad) attached to them...
I hope that one day when I become a homeowner, I'll have a stack of handspun blankets...and handknitted/ quilts (I love making blankets!).

The second blanket is also a garter stitch, one of Purl Bees super easy baby blanket. I just casted on more stitches.


  1. This blanket is SO pretty!!! Gorgeous!

  2. oh my! so sorry for the late replies ladies :) Thank you so much!! The blanket is soo warm :) I love it!

  3. This rocks in all kinds of ways! I'm finishing my wheel this weekend -- very excited to really start spinning. I tried on spindles but the drafting action just doesn't connect on a spindle. I can't wait to show off my handspun like you do -- this blanket is amazing and you should be proud!