Sunday, December 7, 2014

Crochet love

Even though I mostly knit, I still define myself as primarily a crocheter. When I was in middle school in Ghana, we used to make  intricate lace doilies in between classes.Most of the patterns  were passed down orally as we learned informally without knowing the names of the stitches.Later,  I learned the terms in English and in Kenya, I was taught how to read patterns and charts in French. Nonetheless, it is still very hard for me to read crochet patterns in the US because I realized that I learned the UK terms!
Most of the time, I rely on French instructions or a chart. Oh, and I run away from knitting charts.....too complicated!

As a teen, crochet patterns were mostly used for home decor. Many , including my parents, would use doilies on tables or even on the back of a sofa or armrests.
Photo credit: Collectionsetc website

It is interesting how tastes change from one generation to another. I rarely see this practice nowadays.
I don't have any doilies yet I miss making them!! One of my most memorable memories was in Kenya when I would see women crocheting  beautiful doilies in markets! There was a popular pattern in the mid-1990s that used mostly a pineapple stitch that I just can't remember how to do.

This winter break, I would be visiting my parents and I am bringing a few handmade gifts:two crocheted pillows including one with the simple tunisian stitch, one of my favorite Anne Hanson's blanket "Caravan"...and I am going to dust my magazines from the 1990s and make 1-2 doilies depending on time!
I can't wait to share pictures when they are all done!

Work in progress: Sunny pillow made with Yarn Love Juliet yarn! The colors are so cheerful :)