Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tales of my yarn stash

The oldest yarn in my stash...


I bought these three skeins back in 1998 or 1999 in Senegal when a new "mercerie" opened. A "mercerie" was the place where you could buy sewing notions, fabric, buttons and they had a very small section of "fil pour tricot", "laine"  ie "thread for knitting", "yarn".

I loved going to that "mercerie" to admire the yarns and fabric! That same year, I was reading Au bonheur des dames by Emile Zola   which has lengthy descriptions of the fabric section of a department store!
Most of these "fils" were imported from France and the ones I could afford were local but still a bit pricey for a high school student. Having a yarn stash was not an option because I could only buy yarn for a specific project and didn't waste an inch of it!

As we moved every 5 years, we learned from a very young age that accumulating stuff was not an option because we had to move eventually and couldn't bring everything. Each one of us was allowed a specific weight and mine was quickly used up with my books and  letters.

 After high school, I didn't knit/crochet for almost ten years. These skeins served as quiet reminders that eventually I would....

 4 years ago, I walked into my local yarn store. The summer has just begun and I had finally completed and passed  my qualifying exams.I remember seeing these two skeins out of silk and merino from Malabrigo...the same colors as the ones I had...but they were so soft and felt amazing on my hands!!!
It was the beginning of my new beloved yarn stash!


  1. I really enjoy reading about the journey and evolution of your yarn stash. Can I beg you please to post more? I enjoy your writing so very much.

  2. Thank you so much Nicky!!! I truly appreciate your kind words and I will write more!!