Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Forever green

Forever green is the name of a MAC eye pencil that made me reconsider my ban on the color green in my wardrobe.  For years, I never felt comfortable wearing  green because it reminded me of military uniforms. My parents, siblings and I left Burundi in 1992 a year before the civil war started. Without going into too many details, it was just  very hard and overwhelming for me to wear anything green as I automatically associated it with military uniforms.  

Then one day, I was at the MAC counter and saw the "forever green" eye pencil.

It was so beautiful and a little bit goes a long way!!!
Little by little, I acquired more green eyeshadows and pencils  ... yes, I have a makeup stash too ....
 Makeup helped me feel comfortable wearing more green! For instance, I am not a jewelry person at all yet I couldn't resist buying these earrings from SheaButter Cottage.

The big moment for me came in a scarf that I purchased at Logan Airport back in 2004! It was sooo bright and so green!!!!
day trip in Chicago, Spring 2010, Millennium park

Since then, I embrace more green a little bit more in my stash and knitting....
Some of my favorite greens in my stash...
From top clockwise: Tanis Fiber Arts "lemongrass", Knitting Notions Classic Merino "Clover", Malabrigo Sock" Lettuce", Manos Rittenhouse" Citric"
From top clockwise, Yarn Love "Fresh Celery", Malabrigo Rios" Fresco y seco", Three Irish Girls, Yarn Hollow Superior "white pine", Tanis Fiber Arts "Sprout"  

And recently finished objects in green:

Tabata Mitts designed by Anne Hanson
Yarn: Mrs Crosby Hat Box "forest hideaway" 

And a shawl "Simplest shawl" also designed by Anne Hanson using Yarn Love Charlotte Bronte fingering in "green with envy" !!!