Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Forever green

Forever green is the name of a MAC eye pencil that made me reconsider my ban on the color green in my wardrobe.  For years, I never felt comfortable wearing  green because it reminded me of military uniforms. My parents, siblings and I left Burundi in 1992 a year before the civil war started. Without going into too many details, it was just  very hard and overwhelming for me to wear anything green as I automatically associated it with military uniforms.  

Then one day, I was at the MAC counter and saw the "forever green" eye pencil.

It was so beautiful and a little bit goes a long way!!!
Little by little, I acquired more green eyeshadows and pencils  ... yes, I have a makeup stash too ....
 Makeup helped me feel comfortable wearing more green! For instance, I am not a jewelry person at all yet I couldn't resist buying these earrings from SheaButter Cottage.

The big moment for me came in a scarf that I purchased at Logan Airport back in 2004! It was sooo bright and so green!!!!
day trip in Chicago, Spring 2010, Millennium park

Since then, I embrace more green a little bit more in my stash and knitting....
Some of my favorite greens in my stash...
From top clockwise: Tanis Fiber Arts "lemongrass", Knitting Notions Classic Merino "Clover", Malabrigo Sock" Lettuce", Manos Rittenhouse" Citric"
From top clockwise, Yarn Love "Fresh Celery", Malabrigo Rios" Fresco y seco", Three Irish Girls, Yarn Hollow Superior "white pine", Tanis Fiber Arts "Sprout"  

And recently finished objects in green:

Tabata Mitts designed by Anne Hanson
Yarn: Mrs Crosby Hat Box "forest hideaway" 

And a shawl "Simplest shawl" also designed by Anne Hanson using Yarn Love Charlotte Bronte fingering in "green with envy" !!!


  1. Love your conversion to green! Your story is similar to my conversion to pink. Who would have ever thought that was possible?

    P.S ... you look wonderful in that 2010 picture. Your skin is amazing!!!

  2. isn't interesting how our tastes change!! I enjoyed hearing your story with the color pink :)