Sunday, August 9, 2015

Contemplative after Stitches-Midwest

I attended Stitches-Midwest yesterday for the first time ever!
To my surprise, I have been quite contemplative today, reading back notes that I took from the years I used to attend the Makeup Show in New York.

I used to have a beauty blog that I loved updating and all of the sudden it took a life of its own in ways I never expected! It opened up opportunities for friendship, expanded my makeup knowledge and I also met people in the industry whom I admire. Attending Stitches-Midwest brought back these memories, my  bittersweet decision to stop beauty blogging and even the purpose of this blog as currently I don't even know where it is heading.
A common denominator in these two shows was meeting CEO of the companies, the person behind the brands, interacting with them and getting to know their stories. Since the Makeup Show is for pros only and press, there is also a plethora of seminars, workshops and everybody is in networking mode!!

To come back to Stitches-Midwest, I was surprised to see old reflexes in action. As a blogger, I wrote about new brands that debuted at the Makeup Show, did short interviews, attended panels and did a report on new trends, colors, techniques, etc..Of course, I took LOTS of pictures!

Sadly this post doesn't have any of that but below are some jumbled thoughts about my impressions:

-There are truly so many dyers out there and there will be many more in the future. While some carried solids, semi-solids, variegated, others mostly did stripes, stripes with gradients etc..

-Knitting as a lifestyle! From bowls, bags (lots of bags), needle accessories, sock blockers, stitch markers to mugs, soaps, massage oils, heating pads, notebooks, sets of cards, etc.

-Spinning with blends outside of your usual merino: blends that include camel, silk, llama, other exotic fibers etc...

-Subscription boxes! That reminded me of the Birchbox where one receives generous sample sizes of brands to try without breaking the bank.

-Meet the sheep...well not literally but a few vendors focused on artisanal undyed yarn, the process, from sheep to yarn. The consumer knows where the base came from.

-Bags....lots of bags!

-Collaboration: some vendors carried beads or products made by cooperative of women in African countries.

In a nutshell, attending Stitches-Midwest made me realize that the knitting industry and by extension fiber arts is just going to keep booming and expanding in exciting ways!

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