Sunday, September 13, 2015

Not so much of a sock knitter

I recently came to the realization that I am not so much of a sock knitter and I am okay with it! In my weekly knitting group, two friends always have socks on their needles. I love admiring their socks, seeing their love for self-striping yarn and hearing about their growing sock drawer.
I want a sock drawer too!! But without putting in the work..... :)

The truth is knitting socks is a bit stressful for me because....of my gauge!
My first pair of socks was meant for Gargamel's feet!!!

I used DK weight, yarn without nylon and size 6 needles...Yes...The results were a disaster: TOO BIG!!!! I still insisted on wearing them after all the hard work!! I had to walk carefully so that I won't fall and trip. Then it became too complicated so I wore them only to go to bed to keep my feet warm in the winter. By week 3, they both had a hole..I .still wore them  inside of course...then as the hole grew bigger, I got angry and threw them away!

My second pair...was my watermelon socks. I ordered the yarn with friends, we started it during the summer and I had to redo it twice because my gauge kept changing. In the winter, I would put it away and start again in the summer. It took me more than a year....close to two to be honest before I finished them. I was so proud of myself! I do love them and wore them A LOT!  Yes, wore in the past because they needed to be replaced as I kept wearing them over and over.

The third pair is the one I did this summer for Camp Loopy. It is Helen Socks by Anne Hanson using SweetGeorgia Yarns tough love "Sitka". I even stepped up my game and bought sock blockers!

In preparation for winter, I decided to knit another pair so that I can alternate socks.
I am knitting Longjohn socks by Anne Hanson using Three Irish Girls Adorn sock "Mardi Gras"
 Through sock knitting, I've learned that
a) I am really a loose knitter and need to use size 0 or even 00 needles
b) The stitch count should be between 46-48. Beyond that, they will be too big for me.
c) I love how Anne Hanson offers XXS size which is the one I usually do
d) I love sock yarn but for blankets, shawls, everything but socks....
e) Knitting socks make me feel connected to the tradition of knitting socks for warmth or the"Knit your Bit compaign"
f) My favorite method: using dpns and one at a time..and intense moments of concentration to do the Kitchener stitch
g) I am a BLANKET knitter!!!

I love my sock blanket and I am doing everything to have it finished by 2016!!
It is so colorful, cheerful and makes my heart flutter :)